Chania Bike Tours

We take you beyond the usual tourist spots that bus and walking tours usually miss.
And travelling by bike, you will come to appreciate, is the perfect way
to truly experience the diverse neighborhoods of the Old Town and the Breathtaking Venetian Harbour.

On a bike tour, you will feel as though you are really part of the neighborhood. Our guided tours are painstakingly planned, thoughtfully paced & full of joy. The road is calling, so eat well, pedal happy & stay curious.


Every route is experienced from us and we know all characteristics, difficulty, and interesting places and refresh point.We look for secondary quiet ways, sightseeing and no traffic paths.


We live in Chania, we love biking and we know deeply the city of Chania, Venetian Port and Old Town area! For that reason we provide excellent guided bike tours.


We emphasize enjoying the fruits of this magnificent city and that means not only focusing on every bike tour being surprisingly enjoyable, but also seeing & explaining to you the history and myths behind any sightseeing.


Enjoy leisurely-paced tours — perfect for almost all levels of riders.First-class and top-quality bicycles, regional expertise, outstanding guides. All combined to give you a fun, active, safe, scenic, and absolutely care-free vacation.